Neeraj Pratap

The author is the Chief Business Officer at Hansa Cequity – One of India’s leading data-driven Marketing Organisation that helps businesses acquire customers intelligently, retain them optimally and manage them profitably

Neeraj Pratap

Podcast with Dinesh Ganti Chief Executive Officer at Digitalkites With more than 13 years of experience in consumer data analysis & AI based technology in Adtech & Martech Industry, Dinesh launched DigitalKites to revolutionize audience ecosystem in 2019 The DigitalKites platform enables the advertising ecosystem to leverage the unique audience marketplace and user stitching technology. He strongly believes …

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Podcast with Maneesh Sharma

Country Manager, Github India A technologist with a 20 year professional journey of conceptualising , building, marketing, selling & supporting technology products. Previously worked at SUN Microsystems, SAP,, Adobe. An entrepreneur at heart, he has vast experience in strategic as well as operational roles across functions – especially around new product introduction & business incubation.

Why do Marketers need to keep pace with tectonic shifts in technology?

Technology has successfully transported us to Mars. ‘Perseverance’ pays off and no pun intended. SpaceX is doing some revolutionary work in space travel. And a lot of other technology companies are redefining how we lead our lives. There is a whole generation now that is born into this tech era. Going forward, organisations and brands …

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Management lessons in leadership from the US Presidential elections

We all know that for an inquisitive mind, leadership lessons can be learnt from anyone and in the most unlikely of circumstances. But today, I want to be predictable and reflect on the US Presidential election, a spectacle that the world has been watching for the last few days. It had two diametrically opposite characters …

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Leading with creativity, not technology

The idea of leading with creativity and not technology coming from a professional who is offering Martech solutions as one of his key services might sound blasphemous. But meeting after meeting (and there are too many of them), I hear senior professionals dive straight into executional and tactical stuff. Almost always when my team presents …

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Podcast with Carla Gentry

Data Scientist, Data Nerd and  Founder Analytical-Solution Graduating from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a double major, Applied Mathematics and Economics in 1998. She has more than 23 years’ experience in the field of Data Science. Carla specialises in – Customer Satisfaction and Retention Analysis, Brand Research & Competitive Analysis, Employee Retention Research, Survey …

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Podcast with Minoo Phakey

Head – Strategic Marketing and Investment at Dabur India Limited Minoo heads marketing strategy and investments across categories within Dabur translating to 400 cr of advertising promotion spends over 5500 cr of business. This entails identifying investment opportunities leading to maximizing revenue while generating optimum ROI. The investments pan across all mediums- television, print, , …

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