Podcast with Anjali Malhotra

Chief Customer, Marketing,
Digital & IT Officer for Aviva India.

She holds 27 years in Media, FMCG, Retail and BFSI sectors, in diverse roles.

She is a customer evangelist with proven ability to build business strategy in highly competitive markets, specially in early-stage businesses. Her current interest lies in organizational transformation through embracing technology and building culture towards its adoption.

She is also an Angel investor, mentor and coach for startups. Having made investments in over many early stage businesses, her areas of areas of interest lie in media/content & technology enabled B2C models.

She has been recognized by the industry as “Cx100” and “Digi 100” in 2017, “Top 10 CDO” in 2016, “Digitalist Thought Leader” in 2015, “Marketer of the year- Media & Entertainment” by IAA in 2012, & and “Best use of Technology in Marketing” by IBM in 2011.

She Chairs a women’s network, “She” that focuses on Diversity & Inclusion at Aviva. and leads Social responsibility programs for Girl Child and Education for Underprivileged Children.

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