Podcast with Deep Thomas

Analytics Head – Aditya Birla group.


Deep is a reputed analytics expert, thought leader and a passionate evangelist of data science with a distinguished career spanning more than two decades of delivering sustained and increasing profitability through analytics-led business transformation.

As Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Aditya Birla Group; a $48 Billion Global conglomerate operating in 17+ diverse sectors such as Metals, Cement, Telco, Fashion, Financial Services, Textiles etc.; Deep is leading the charge of its Digital and AI-led digital transformation to drive new business growth, enable operational efficiencies, superior customer experience, and deliver successful outcomes across its multi-sector business. Prior to Aditya Birla Group, Deep was the Founder- CEO of Tata Insights & Quants, Tata Group’s Big Data and Decision Science company; thereby giving him a unique privilege of setting up the Analytics arm for the founder institutions of modern India, Tatas and Birlas.

Deep has also held various key global leadership positions in US and India with multinationals like Citigroup, HSBC, and American Express to set-up, scale, and steer their Global Digital and Analytics agenda. He is a Computer Science graduate with an MS in Information Systems and an MBA in Marketing from Arizona State and holds multiple patents in Decision Science and Analytics capabilities.

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