Podcast with Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarti

Co- author of – Artificial Intelligence in India & Dean at the Jindal Global Business School at the OP Jindal Global University (JGU).

He has taught Finance and Public Policy for over two decades – at the University of Alberta, Canada, Georgia Tech, USA and the Indian School of Business (ISB) — apart from JGU. He was the founding Executive Director at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy at ISB’s Mohali campus. Rajesh has also been Executive Vice President, Research and Policy at the Wadhwani Foundation and is a co-founder of the policy consulting start-up, Sunay Policy Advisory. Rajesh has held visiting positions at various places including IIM Calcutta, ISI Delhi, IDF Gurgaon, ICN Nancy, France and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He has authored or edited ten books,  the tenth book – Artificial Intelligence in India is just out, in addition to several book chapters and articles on Finance, Economics, and Management in leading international scholarly journals like the Journal of Financial Economics and Journal of International Business Studies. He has been a columnist with the Financial Express and is frequently quoted in the media. His current research interests are in the areas of management and public policy. Rajesh is an alumnus of Presidency College, Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad and earned his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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